The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

At good.inve.story,
each investment report is a story.
So, we keep it simple. period.

Technology has simplified so many things in life. We've used technology to simplify investment analysis. We use latest technologies such as web analytics to make investing easy and especially cheap (free in many cases).


If you love number crunching, have fun with spreadsheets, play with the ratios and understand investment jargon well, this is not the website you are looking for.


Everything is free until Jan 2015. Yes, everything! As we are beta mode, we offer everything free.

The Details

How can good.inve.story help you?

Portfolio management

We are starting soon. If you love our stories, we can help manage your portfolio. We are so confident that we offer the first 6 months free. Yes, it is free to try.

Investment stories

Cutting edge research and brave ideas on what would make you money. And make use of it as all reports are free until Jan 2015. Get reports here

Tax-saving stories

Ideas that would save you a lot on taxes. Interested? So, watch this space and we are here very soon.

Goal based stories

Want a new car. Saving for your home. Or for the TV you always wanted. Or planning for your retirement. We can help you get there.

Suggested portfolios

We let the world know what we love and keep no secret. We can suggest best portfolio allocation based on a few questions (such as age, marital status, aggresiveness).

Learn about investments

We keep our lesson as simple as our stories. Keep learning and keep making more money. We love money and that we can help you with money.

Our mission

good.inve.story. is just a smarter way of investing.